Friday, January 1, 2010

The image shows the Mount Vernon library of George Washington, what he called his "Sanctum Sanctorum".

Google Books is a gift to the world that gives meaning and hope for the wise words of Washington,
"A knowledge of books is the basis upon which other knowledge is to be built."

That Washington quote is inscribed high above the street level on the Patrick Henry Building that formerly housed the Library of Virginia, and now houses the "working offices" of the Office of the Governor of Virginia.

Then again, the Ceremonial Office of the Governor of Virginia is in the Capitol designed by Thomas Jefferson, who is better known for his books, that were sold to the Library of Congress to create the collection after the British burned the library during the War of 1812. Jefferson is also fairly well known for his words, "I can not live without my books".

In the world today, it is possible that all the books of Jefferson AND of Washington, and the wise words written by both, and the wisdom contained in all those writings and books, as well as other great books full of wise words, could be digitized and placed on one Apple iPhone or Google Nexus Phone, able to be in our pocket, ever present to aid us in making wise decisions.

Yet the question to answer by our actions is, "Can we be wise like Washington and Jefferson were?"

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